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Northern Air Now Offers Direct Flights to Taveuni

New flights around Fiji are always a welcomed addition when you are looking for resort options and activities for your exotic tropical island getaway.  And now it just got even easier for guests to get to the lush, remote island of Taveuni — Fiji’s “garden island.” It has just been announced that Northern Air is offering flights to Taveuni, which is awesome news for the resorts in and around the area. Resorts like Tides Reach Resort, Matangi Private Island Resort and The Remote Resort.

Northern Air Beginnings

Northern Air began with a family aspiration and long term dream of owning an airline to service the people and resorts in the northern part of Fiji. The investment came when Mr. R J San’s family saw an opportunity and need to get people up to this beautiful area of Fiji. Launching as the first sustainable family business in Fiji, this investment came at a time very much needed.

Flight Schedules

The Northern Air flight schedules are already in place from Nadi (mainland of Fiji – where international flights will fly into) and Suva as well to Taveuni starting July 31 and on.

Here is the schedule:

Origin Destination       ETD       ETA DAYS
Suv Nadi 630 700 123456*
Nadi Suv 1400 1430 123456*
Nadi Tav 800 900 123456*
Tav Nadi 1200 1300 123456*
Tav Suv 930 1010 1356*
Suv Tav 1040 1120 1356*

*Key: Mon 1/Tues 2/Wed 3/ Thur 4/ Fri 5/ Sat 6/Sun 7

So, if you are interested in going away to the remote island of Taveuni or Fiji’s north, contact us today for great rates on airfare and also your Taveuni stay.