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Fiji Update: 90 Percent of Tourist Regions & Resorts Are Open

Fiji Update: 90 Percent of Tourist Regions & Resorts Are Open


If you’ve been following our blog updates post-Cyclone Winston, then you know that we’ve reported HERE that many resorts are open for business after Cyclone Winston. We just recently heard that number is pretty high at actually 90 percent. We think this is really great despite all the pictures of devastation. We couldn’t believe it when we heard that 90 percent of tourist regions and resorts are already re-opened and welcoming new guests.


How is it possible for so much of Fiji to be open for tourism after such a disaster? The resorts are crafted using materials that are built to withstand heavy winds and rain; so many resorts were able to make it through Cyclone Winston without structural damage because of this.


We also heard of a special update from Treasure Island Resort: 92 tiny Hawksbill Turtles hatched on Treasure Island after the cyclone! While the resort is currently undergoing clean-up efforts, it is slated to re-open on March 14. The turtles hatching are just one example that shows the beauty is still there after the storm.


Here are a few more updates on Fiji resorts.


Fiji Resort Status Updates


(PLEASE NOTE: Updates below are current as of March 4, but updates are revised daily. Please call us 1.800.927.1923 if you have additional questions.)


  • Beachcomber Resort: Temporarily closed. Will re-open April 1, 2016.
  • Bedarra: Open
  • Beqa Lagoon Resort: Open
  • Blue Lagoon Beach Resort: Open
  • Botaira Resort: Temporarily closed.
  • Bounty Island Resort: Open
  • Denarau Golf and Racquet Club: Open
  • Fiji Hideaway Resort: Open
  • Malolo Island Resort: Open
  • Mantaray Island: Open
  • Shangri-La Fijian Resort and Spa: Open
  • Treasure Island Resort: Temporarily closed. Will re-open March 14.
  • Uprising Beach Resort: Open