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Fiji Travel Tips: What to Pack

Everybody may dream of an all inclusive Fiji vacation, but the real excitement begins when the arrangements are finalized, and the plane tickets are in hand. Whether you are on a Fiji honeymoon or a family vacation, you will need to know what to pack for your adventure. Use these tips to help plan a fantastic holiday.

Travel Documents

International travel requires some specialized documents that may require a certain amount of planning. You will need a passport with a minimum of six months remaining before it expires. Depending on the country you are a citizen of, you may be required to have a visa before you arrive. You can find out this information on Fiji government websites. Also, check any specialized health requirements you may require. Contact your bank before leaving so that they will not decline international purchases made with your credit card. You may require additional paperwork If you are getting married in Fiji, or you are on a Fiji honeymoon.

Clothing and Toiletries

Packing for a Fiji honeymoon at one of the many luxury Fiji resorts is easy. Pack clothing and accessories for the activities that you plan to enjoy. Planning is further simplified when an all inclusive Fiji vacation is booked because you will already have most of your activities lined up.

Most people traveling to Fiji will find the climate much warmer than back home. Pack lightweight, loose fitting clothing so that you will be comfortable. Try to avoid wearing dark colors that absorb the tropical sun. If you plan to spend time outside, pack UV sun protective clothing such as a white, long-sleeved shirt. Consider purchasing UV protective swimwear. Don’t forget to pack sunscreen, sunshades and a wide brimmed hat. Sunburn will make your vacation uncomfortable.

Other Necessities

Be sure to pack something snazzy for a classy night out because there will be opportunities for fine dining at some of the Fiji resorts. Do not risk traveling with expensive jewelry. Although Fiji is a remarkably safe country, petty theft and pick pocketing can be a problem in the cities and high-density tourist areas such as Nadi. If you take medications, be sure to bring enough for your entire trip, plus a little extra should there be any unforeseen delays.

Do not forget to bring your camera. Be sure to pack extra batteries and additional memory cards so that you don’t have to take a laptop to download your photos. Fiji resorts and dive shops provide adequate equipment for water activities such as scuba diving and snorkeling. It may be cheaper to rent gear rather than hauling dive gear with excess baggage fees.

As you pack for your all-inclusive Fiji vacation, keep in mind that packing light will make traveling much easier. You will also avoid excess baggage fees. Save space for some beautiful Fiji souvenirs. If you forget something, it can most likely be purchased at your Fiji resort or in one of the many shops that you will want to visit anyway.